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In 2001 Rozalia - poet and songwriter - created together with her sisters Teresa and Cecylia Negradonna. Home of the bands creative aura is Dark Wave in the broadest sense. The style, called by supporters heavenly voices, is not inspired by anyone. Combining nostalgic often heavy songs with multimedia projections and interesting scenography Negradonna is creating unique performances.

Band itself describes their music as alternative dark pop. The source and inspiration of the music are personal experiences, desires and the longing for life..s beauty. Love is the main subject of the songs - the relationship between a woman and a man, described in a sensual and at the same time metaphysical way. Simultaniously Rozalia's lyrics affect another dimension, known only to mystics. The characteristic Negradonna sound is a combination of Rozalkias beautiful and powerful voice in harmony with subtle electronics and electro-acoustic guitar, enriched by melodic violin lines and second vocals.

Negradonna recorded two CD's in a professional recording studio. In 2008 "Negradonna", 2010 "Kościół Cierpienia" ("The Church of Suffering") and in 2012 "Wiekuiste piękno" ("Everlasting beauty"). Some of them were presented in Polish Radio 3 in the cult-programm Minimax by Piotr Kaczkowski and radio Jazz. The song "Macbeth" was part of the Minimax compilation "Jarocin 2007". The Band played at the rock festival Jarocin 2007, at the Media Wave 2008 in Sanok, the Dark Rock Decadence Festival in Cracow and 2009 at the mROCKfest in Ostróda.

Thanks to the promotion by Minimax,Radio Jazz, Radio Bezkitu, Radio Pantheon and the ever-growing group of fans started initiate various concerts outside of Krakow. Special Thanks for support go to Mateusz Stępniowski.



the Band:

Rozalia Malik rozalia

Rozalia Malik
vokals, song writing, lyrics, keyboards, guitar.

Cecylia Malik cecylia

Cecylia Malik
violin, vocals

Teresa Malik teresa

Teresa Malik




Piotr Madej

Piotr Madej
electronic sound FX

Zdzislaw Zabierzewski

Zdzisław " the Bat " Zabierzewski
english translations of the lyrics



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